As a successful established company, private investor, bank or leasing company, venture capital firm or consortium of investors, you are interested in:

  • the acquisition and the positive aspect of valuable corporate investments as a strategic investment or financial investment
  • the acquisition and development of lucrative commercial real estate


Your challenges are:

  • the design and the development of a value-enhancing growth strategy
  • the coordination and the definition of search criteria, the definition of clear investment and purchasing criteria or guidelines
  • the (anonymous) response of potential buying candidates and the (discrete) exploration of possible sales interests
  • corporate and property appraisal
  • preparation of proposals
  • the contractual issues with the clear definition of property, for example transitions, conditions precedent, basic requirements
  • the detailed due diligence process
  • the securing of financing, refinancing and/or co-financing for the project


The WIA GmbH supports companies and investors in the purposeful selection, careful preparation, and the results-oriented implementation and operation of their investments.


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